Hi, I’m Owain and I’m a filmmaker, actor and activist.

Most of the work I do focuses around social issues, and giving a voice to underrepresented or marginalised people and communities. My past experience includes directing Sleeping Rough, a feature film and campaign raising awareness of street homelessness in the UK, an Exeter Phoenix-commissioned short called The Hardest Fight, about using boxing as a way of fighting against depression, and a short documentary series commissioned by Rife Magazine, called Crisis and Hope, about homelessness services in Bristol. I was also named by Rife Magazine as one of their 24 Most Influential Bristolians in 2016, and in 2018 delivered a TEDx talk about homelessness and compassion, which you can watch below:

My day job involves making films for charities, businesses and musicians, with my company Pastles Productions. I also do a fair amount of photography, for events, promos and also for fun.

Anyway, this is my website. Enjoy!