Hi, I’m Owain and I’m a filmmaker, actor and attempted activist.

Most of the work I do I aim to focus around social or political issues which mean a lot to me, such as homelessness, mental health and bullying. I’ve directed Sleeping Rough, a feature film and campaign raising awareness of street homelessness in the UK, and have been commissioned by Rife Magazine and Exeter Phoenix to create an upcoming film-based campaign called The Hardest Fight, about the benefits of boxing when dealing with mental health issues, particularly depression and anxiety. I was also named by Rife Magazine as one of their 24 Most Influential Bristolians last year!

My day job involves making films (I’m pretty lucky) for charities, businesses and musicians, with my company Pastles Productions. I also do a fair amount of photography, for events, promos and also for fun.

Anyway, this is my website.