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Hi, I’m Owain and I’m a film and theatre-maker, activist and photographer.


My work focuses around representation and empowerment of marginalised communities, art as activism and the creation of immersive environments in film and theatre. My past experience includes directing Sleeping Rough, a docudrama film about street homelessness in the UK, an Exeter Phoenix-commissioned short called The Hardest Fight, about using boxing as a way of fighting against depression, and a short documentary series commissioned by Rife Magazine, called Crisis and Hope, about homelessness services in Bristol. In 2019, I led the organisation of Bristol Homeless Action Week,  a week of events centred around getting people involved in Bristol’s homelessness community.

I was named by Rife Magazine as one of their 24 Most Influential Bristolians in 2016, and in 2018 delivered a TEDx talk about homelessness and compassion. Current projects I am working on include a short documentary looking at life inside Young Offender’s Institutions, as well as completing my BA degree in Theatre and Spanish, where the majority of my work focuses on empowerment of marginalised and subaltern communities through art.

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Feel free to hit me up for a chat, a coffee or a pint.

email: owain@pastlesproductions.com


This is a collection of short films and videos I’ve worked on over the last couple of years, in various different capacities. Take a look:

Director/DoP Showreel

Sleeping Rough Clip: Homelessness and the Power of Compassion – Film Clip


Bristol UCU, Gender Pay Gap Video


Pink Mist, Theatre Trailer

Director of Photography

Democracy in Crisis, Short Documentary


The Get Barenaked Guessing Game with Barenaked Ladies – Band Video


Crisis and Hope, Short Documentary Series commissioned by Rife Magazine


Part 1:

Part 2:

Sleeping Rough Bristol, Short Documentary


Myopia, Short Film

Director of Photography

Millefeuille, Short Film

Director of Photography


The work I do focuses primarily around issues of representation and empowerment of marginalised people and communities. A large amount of the work I’ve done has focused around homelessness, including Sleeping Rough in Bristol (my first venture into documentaries), Crisis and Hope, a two-part short documentary series on homeless services in Bristol, and Sleeping Rough, a feature-length docudrama over two years in the making. In 2016, I was also commissioned by the Exeter Phoenix to make The Hardest Fight, a short film about boxing and depression.

Chatting with Alan in pre-production for Sleeping Rough

A common theme in my films is blending styles to tell real-life stories and educate about real-world issues. I like to use my skills and background in documentary-making to create stories and films that feel real, and get across a message, but at the same time build a world and characters of their own. At the moment I’m exploring life inside Young Offender Institutions, and telling the untold stories of the young men and boys that end up incarcerated.



As a photographer, I’ve got a varied background; starting off in film, I’ve worked as a stills photographer for short films and music videos, branching into events, music festivals and theatre photography. I mainly work in Bristol, UK, however can travel to London and other areas of the South West. Scroll down for portfolio and rates.

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For rates and availability, please email owainastles@gmail.com

For full gallery, see below.

University of Bristol ‘The First Rule’, Theatre, Bristol, 2018:

Cut From Cloth, Short Film, Exeter, 2018:

1st International Puppet Fringe Festival, Theatre Festival, New York, 2018:

Barenaked Ladies, Music Concert, Colston Hall Bristol, 2018:

University of Bristol Gradfest, Theatre Festival, Bristol, 2017:

Catalan Protest, Street Photography, Barcelona, 2017:

Red Bull, Launch Event, Motion Bristol, 2017:

Studiospace Gradball, Event, Bristol, 2017:

Aftershock, Theatre, Bristol, 2017:

Red Bull Cocktail Shoot, Event, Bristol, 2017:

Urban Nature, Street Photography, Bristol, 2017:

Gloucester Road, Street Photography, Bristol, 2016: