Homelessness and Politics

We speak a lot about what we can do to reduce homelessness, to make sure people have homes of their own and aren’t being forced to live on the street. Obviously it’s such a complicated issue, that there are hundreds of answers, and not one of them is totally right. We may never ‘fix’ homelessness. […]

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Recent Photography

I’ve been doing more photography recently, honing my skills and getting more into it… Take a look at a couple of recent projects below, including Studiospace’s theatre show, ‘Aftershock’, written by Sam Bird, and a promo shoot we did for Red Bull. Also keep an eye out for photos coming soon of Gradfest, the University […]

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The Hardest Fight

I was very lucky to recently be commissioned by Exeter Phoenix and Rife magazine to create a film-based campaign, entitled The Hardest Fight. The Hardest Fight will look at mental health issues in sport, primarily boxing, and will look closely at how boxing can actually help you to deal with mental health issues such as […]

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Room for One More

Recently I co-produced a a sweet little comedy written and directed by good mate and frequent collaborator Adam Parsons; this was a great project to work on, with such a funny cast and really committed crew, and I was so glad to see it come off so well. Having seen the project through from start […]

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Sleeping Rough – An Update

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, in which we managed to raise well over our budget, we’re pushing ahead with Sleeping Rough. Casting is due to be finished by this time next week, and we’ll begin shooting at the end of February. We’ve had some brilliant creative submissions, including artwork, short films and music… I’m also […]

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Crisis and Hope

Recently I was lucky enough to be commissioned by Rife magazine to create a two-part short documentary series on homelessness services in Bristol. We visited Spring of Hope, the only women’s shelter in Bristol, and The Wild Goose CafĂ©, speaking to the staff and clients about just why they exist and why they’re so important. […]

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Sleeping Rough

Recently I went onto the streets of Bristol to make a short documentary about rough sleepers in the UK. In doing so I got stared at, heckled and abused by bystanders however I met some of the most humble, gracious, pleasant people I’ve met in my life. It was a shocking and enjoyable experience at […]

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