My first professional directing job came at Exeter’s Northcott Theatre, where I was assistant director to Polly Agg-Manning; this was when, despite it always having been a suggestion in the back of my mind, I decided I wanted to direct. I started out in theatre, but soon fell in love with the world of film, and didn’t look back.


The work I do focuses primarily around social issues, telling stories that would otherwise go untold and giving a voice to those that would otherwise go unheard. A large amount of the work I’ve done has focused around homelessness, including Sleeping Rough in Bristol (my first venture into documentaries), Crisis and Hope, a two-part short documentary series on homeless services in Bristol, and Sleeping Rough, a feature-length docudrama over two years in the making. In 2016, I was also commissioned by the Exeter Phoenix to make The Hardest Fight, a short film about boxing and depression.

Chatting with Alan in pre-production for Sleeping Rough

A common theme in my films is blending styles to tell real-life stories and educate about real-world issues. I like to use my skills and background in documentary-making to create stories and films that feel real, and get across a message, but at the same time build a world and characters of their own. At the moment I’m exploring life inside Young Offender Institutions, and telling the untold stories of the young men and boys that end up incarcerated.