Big Sleep Out 2017

Last week, we had our first preview for Sleeping Rough at The Big Issue Foundation’s Big Sleep Out at the Oval, London. The film got an amazing reception, and I was stunned by the positive feedback from both members of the public and Big Issue vendors, who had first-hand experience of some of the events […]

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Sleeping Rough – One Year On

Incredibly, it’s exactly a year since we first published our Kickstarter for Sleeping Rough…   We’ve come a really long way since then, and it’s entirely thanks to all the support we’ve had throughout the process; from charities, organisations and above all, from you guys, our backers and all the individuals who’ve pushed us to […]

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Democracy in Crisis?

I still don’t like writing blog-type things, but seeing as I’m in Barcelona during the city’s – and the region’s – most turbulent, political time in the last 40 years, I do feel obliged to give my opinion. But please bear in mind, that’s all this is; my personal opinion. Right now, Barcelona is in […]

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New York, and things

The time I spent in NYC was, without a doubt, the happiest I’ve felt in years, and getting on the plane to leave was too hard to put into words. It was only two weeks, but it felt like years, I felt so at home. I can’t believe I was flying there from Edinburgh barely […]

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That’s a wrap!

After a fairly intense week and all the research we’ve done over the last few months, I’m delighted to say that shooting finished yesterday on my Exeter Phoenix-commissioned film, The Hardest Fight! The whole cast and crew were amazing, and a special thank you goes to Empire Fighting Chance​ in Bristol for letting us use […]

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The Hardest Fight

I’m really excited to announce that we’ve just released the crowdfunding campaign for our new Exeter Phoenix-commissioned film, The Hardest Fight. The film looks at mental health in boxing, and especially at how the sport can and does help people to battle against issues such as depression and anxiety. As part of the campaign, we’ve […]

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Pastles Work Experience 2017

It was a pleasure this week to host Pierre and Florence, two work experience students from Devon; over the course of the week, they learnt skills in pre production – including creating call sheets, risk assessments and shot lists – through to filming and working with lighting, sound and camera setups, up to post production, […]

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Recently, I was blessed to visit Summerhill Academy in St Paul’s, Bristol. I received an email a couple of months ago from the teacher of their Year 6 class, telling how he’d set the class the task of researching certain ‘inspirational figures’; me included. We shared a few letters between the students and myself, and […]

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New Pastles Showreel!

Our new commercial showreel for Pastles Productions out, showcasing all the commercial work we’ve done in the last year. The showreel includes footage from a few of the music videos we’ve done, plus theatre performances, events, charity videos and more! Take a look below, and remember if you’re looking to get a video made, look […]

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