How Is It April Already?

2018 has been a terrifyingly fast-moving year, but it’s also been an exciting one.

Sleeping Rough is getting nearer and nearer to completion, and we’ve had a spate of small screenings, with more coming up. Back in February we had our screening at the Watershed followed by a Q&A as part of Homelessness Awareness Week, and while the week was hampered slightly by the ‘Beast from the East’, we pushed ahead with the screening and were humbled by the response we had from the audience. Below are a few photos ts from the event (you can see the full gallery here). We’ve also got screenings coming up this month at the Salvation Army’s Logos House and with Hopeful Traders, and we’ll be posting updates of those over on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as the website.

What else has happened? My job in Barcelona finished; it was sad to leave, but I had a really fun 5 months, learning things I didn’t even know I needed to learn, and meeting so many amazing people. While in Barcelona, I also connected with Mind The Cut, a creative online platform and I was lucky enough to be interviewed; you can read the interview here.

It was great to visit my old school a few weeks back as part of Careers Day; returning was very surreal, but it’s always rewarding to work with young people and hopefully inspire future filmmakers.

Talking of future filmmakers, Olamiposi Ayorinde, a film student from Bristol, has started Cxption, a magazine for young and exciting creatives and I was lucky enough to be interviewed for the magazine. You can follow Posi on Instagram for updates.

Cxption interview

Finally, what’s planned for the rest of 2018? I’ve got a few things in the works, some that need to kept under wraps for now, but one thing I’m really excited about is that this June, I’ll be delivering a TEDx talk in Bristol. Details of this will be released soon, but in the meantime, stay tuned, and stay safe. ✌️

Casa Asia


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