New York, and things

The time I spent in NYC was, without a doubt, the happiest I’ve felt in years, and getting on the plane to leave was too hard to put into words. It was only two weeks, but it felt like years, I felt so at home. I can’t believe I was flying there from Edinburgh barely three weeks ago, it was that much of an experience.

From working at the United Nations, to visiting old friends, to sneaking into a TV studio, every single day was exciting and yet blissful at the same time, and I cannot emphasise enough how lucky and grateful I am to have been given these opportunities. I sort of wish I’d taken more photos, to remember it all, but I was so carried away in it all that for once, I didn’t care about taking photos or videos (which for me is pretty shocking, ask anyone who’s gone on holiday or been to a party with me). I just enjoyed it all as it was in the moment.

I’m no blogger or writer, but I’ve tried to somehow transcribe a few key memories from my time:

  • Marvelling at the stellar (literally; it has constellations painted onto it) roof of Grand Central Terminal. This was the very first place I walked into when I arrived, and I just remember instantly feeling at home. I’d only been in the country a couple of hours. What was even better was seeing the projections that were shone onto the roof the week after, celebrating women in science and technology. As someone that loves projection works and science, this was obviously a big thing for me.
  • Getting the train along the Hudson River everyday, often at sunrise or sunset, and every single time feeling a pure sense of wonder at how the sun and the water and the hills can make something so beautiful.
  • ‘Accidentally’ sneaking into Kauffman Studios, seeing the stages and writing rooms for The Affair and Orange Is The New Black and eating in their staff restaurant, all because someone had left a fire door open.
  • Realising, while sitting in on a UN session about technology, that I was one wall away from Donald Trump. By the way, the session I was in was, I reckon, way more interesting, and I learnt much more than if I’d had to listen to that guy talk about ‘Rocket Man’.
  • Looong coach journeys to Tennessee, Washington and Philadelphia during my last few days, to see old friends.
  • Honestly, thinking back, most of the memories that stick with me aren’t the ones I’ve written here. They’re the more personal, tiny ones. A book I picked up at the BEST bookshop I’ve ever been in. A streetlamp near me that stayed on all day and night. Bagels and coffee. The route I’d take to work, and the security guard I made friends with. The films I saw, the food I ate and the people I wish I hadn’t had to say goodbye to.

Until the next time, New York.


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